Jeanette Landsteadt Artist Self Portrait

Born, raised and schooled in Sweden and having travelled throughout most of Europe during my youth, plus spending all together four years in the United Sates, mainly in New York,  Chicago and now living in Sydney Australia; travel has not only been a constant thread running through my life, it has helped shape the type of artist that I am.

Upon my return to Sweden from travel in Europe I studied science and worked as a Laboratory Technician in research laboratories. Soon after this the travel bug bit again in the mid 1970’s, I lived in Paris for a short while, and then soon I was off to the States, New York  for two years.

Returning home I worked in the Swedish Consumer Department in their Laboratory for two years. Then I was ready for my second big trip; for one year I back-packed from Sweden, through Europe and Asia, which lead me to Australia; here I decided to finish my formal art studies. I went on to be awarded a B.A. in Fine Arts, then a Post Graduate award and a Diploma of Teaching.

To support myself through the studies, more major travel was not an option, but I found that doing art full time was a lot like travelling and discovering “new things”.

In the 90’s I lived on a farm outside Orange in NSW, Australia, where I had a large studio and lots of free time to “create”, but I found it to be too far from the centre of the action in the art world. I returned to Sydney, where I now have a large Studio in Marrickville, 15 minutes from city central.

My work is multi-faceted; I will use just about anything to make a “piece”; my chosen mediums are Paint – Ink – Pens -Digital Photos and Prints , onto Canvas and linen , Paper or Board. Often mixing these, and only using the highest quality materials of these mediums.I also make installations, from small boxes to rooms. video is also used in the installations.

My subject matter is anything around me in my life. In broad strokes, these divided into, and often inter mixed: Landscapes, Portraits, Installations, and photographs

I have been finalist in a number of prestigious Art Award Exhibition and have showed professionally since my Collage days, please see the C.V

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